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The future of nanotechnology
Lead by Kanazawa University

Kanazawa University established the Institute for Frontier Science Initiative on 1 April 2015, and has since promoted interdisciplinary research through this initiative.
In August 2018, the Nanomaterials Research Institute was established as a part of this. Kanazawa University has combined superior technology and research in fields such as supramolecular chemistry, materials science, nanometrology and computational science. The institute includes several groups comprised of mainly young researchers led by outstanding leaders, who are advancing the development of next-generation materials and devices through an integrated approach.

02ABOUT USAbout the Nanomaterials Research Institute

Aiming for social implementation of innovative university research results, we advance the development and high functionality of new materials for life and industry.

Nanotechnology research and development is accelerating throughout the world, and contributions to our lifestyles and several industries are anticipated.
The Kanazawa University Nanomaterials Research Institute was created in August 2018 through the concentration of technology and research, two of our university’s strengths. The institute aims to develop materials and devices that realize superior energy savings and energy creation efficiency.