Power Device Development Group

Breakthrough of the conventional power device structure

Group Leader
Associate professor Tsubasa Matsumoto
Fields of Specialty
Electrical and electronic materials engineering
diamond semiconductor,power device,Electron Emitter

Power device development group will take on the challenges to realize an ultra-high efficiency society for sustainable energy and achieve virtually zero CO2 emissions by 2050. The challenges are to create diamond power electronics as an industry by disseminating innovative power device technologies to the world, using diamond semiconductors, which are expected to be the ultimate power device materials.

Specifically, the challenges are combination of the world's first successful inversion layer channel diamond MOSFET technique and new diamond processing technique using carbon solid solution reaction of nickel to achieve the high dielectric breakdown electric field, carrier mobility, and thermal conductivity. The combination will realize a new device structure that turns the disadvantage of deep activation energy into an advantage, and/or utilizes the negative electron affinity of electrons emitting into a vacuum.