Bio-Production Group

Bio-based manufacturing for sustainability of human health and global environment

Group Leader
Professor Kazuaki Ninomiya
Fields of Specialty
Biochemical engineering
Drug deliver system, Tissue engineering, Cellular agriculture, Advanced oxidation process, Biomass refinery, CO2 bio-recycling

Bio-production group is engaged in "bio-based manufacturing" to contribute to "maintenance of human health" and "conservation of the global environment" by engineering the unique structures and functions of living organisms as raw materials, catalysts, and designs, and applying the resulting technologies and substances to environmental and medical applications.

Our main fundamental technologies are the development of new biomolecules and microorganisms by applying genetic engineering, the development of new functional materials by fusing biomolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins with inorganic materials, and special reaction fields such as ultrasound and ionic liquids.
By combining these technologies, we are conducting applied research for the maintenance of human health and the conservation of the global environment. With regard to the maintenance of human health, we are conducting research on (1) drug delivery system as a contribution to cancer treatment, (2) tissue engineering as a contribution to regenerative medicine, and (3) cellular agriculture as a contribution to food issues. On the other hand, with regard to global environmental conservation, we are conducting research on (4) advanced oxidation processes as a contribution to water environmental purification, (5) biomass refineries (utilization of plant resources) as a contribution to low-carbon society, and (6) bio-CO2 recycling as a contribution to CO2 utilization.